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Bringing people together

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Filter through interesting and aspiring people

Wildcards show who people are and what they are looking for! This makes a great icebreaker in any kind of conversation. It's a two way street and if people know who they should connect with you, it breaks barriers. 

Find new work opportunities before they surface

As a student, freelancer or job seeker, Wildcard is the way to push your luck and find new chances around you. Connect with the already meaningful people around you. With Wildcard you know why you can talk to close people again, we show how you can help her or him.

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Discover new people you can learn from

Engage in wildly random conversations. Conversations connect people in your tribe, community or campus, they create understanding no matter your stance.

Ask all the questions you want, people love to have conversations about what they are knowledgeable about, now you can find these conversations.


Wildcard works for people from these purpose driven companies:

And many more, which wildly smart ass people you can see in the app

We connect campuses, we enable people to have more conversations.

Students, professionals, teachers, researchers they all come together to share knowledge and learn at an academic or corporate campus. The best places are personal, where everyone can talk one to one freely without boundaries. It’s the responsibility of not only the organisation, but also of the people.

Campuses need lots of understanding conversation.

There's lots of disconnect because of quantity, noise and preconceptions, we fight that disconnect with conversation. At universities students don't have business titles yet, students explore who they are. Daily conversation with the right people help with this personal development and Wildcard enables that.

In the wild/real world, Ideas should have more sex.

Interdisciplinary conversations should happen constantly. Multiple faculties work together to solve problems, do experiments and openly share. Conversations connect ideas and people, achieving great environment people need and want. With Wildcard people find the conversations that matter to them.

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