Discover the full potential of your community, campus or city!




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Discover the full potential
of your Community, Campus or City! 

Wildcard makes discovery, matchmaking and messaging tools for communities, campuses and city regions.

We help people find each other around opportunity; ideas, skillsets and goals in the places where they learn, work and visit

We take away the real FOMO; the 'Fear Of Missing OPPORTUNITIES' that people have at locations they are unfamiliar. 


Wildcard worked with:


People discover other people (Wildcards) within communities, campuses and city districts. Every swipe is a new opportunity to be matched and connected. 



We match people through our proprietary matchmaking algorithm. We generate unique Stacks of Wildcards, people filter through them.  



Once matched, people connect around their ideas, skillsets and goals with our build-in messaging system and conversational interface that sparks a heart to heart.


Opportunity comes in many forms:

  • people (help, feedback, networking)
  • projects (jobs, traineeships, freelance)
  • programs (accelerators, subsidies, exchanges)
  • passions (movement, mindset, mantra)

People are the driving force behind these opportunities. Everyone in the world should be able to easily discover, access, and leverage opportunity.

With our software we show why and how people should meet, we connect people (face to face) again. We make technology to help people discover, maintain and grow relationships around their goals, interests and values.


Wildcard equals Opportunity


We aim to create a more level playing field for opportunity. We are completely self funded—not venture capital backed, so there's no hidden agenda.

  • We are an experienced team - with many years of experience in software and hardware building and community management we implement Wildcard at your community and personally advise your team.
  • We offer 24/7 personal support - You get our phone numbers, we are ready and responsible to answer all your questions.

  • We have a proven product - with numerous pilots and business cases we proved and improved the model, interface and algorithm.

Get in touch when you're looking for a complete matchmaking solution, or if you want to be sponsor of a community and you like to access its potential.



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