Wildcard aims to create a level playing field for opportunity; meaning fairer chances for everyone any where!


In the current ‘connected’ media world people have thousands of connections—we aim to be the medium to connect people one to one to achieve their goals—and not be haunted by the quantity on the Internet, noisy notifications and fake click baits.
We believe that human potential everywhere should be accessible and enhanced. We believe it’s what you do and what you want to do is what matters, that is why we show the ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want and need’ on your Wildcard.
We fight loneliness in our connected world. We stop our society from being silo-ed. We fulfil the true promise of technology as an enhancement of the human race. We create places where the right people can discover each other—weather it’s for a cup of coffee, doing a creative project, or accelerating the space race. 



Our mission in this world is to create a true level playing field for opportunity. With our mindset and technology we aim to create real-time valuable, authentic relationships, so humans spend less time behind screens, and more face to face with the people that matter.

  • First we enable companies that are close to us to access potential talent in niche communities through our custom matchmaking,

  • Second we will enable every community, campus or city in the world to open up their community for discovery of their potential, 

  • Third we will enable people to start their own communities, tribes at all the places people visit, on every street corner, so everyone can discover opportunity around them. 

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Wildcard team

Milan van den Bovenkamp founded Wildcard and is the Managing Director of the current active team in Rotterdam, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The founding partners are Samuel Beek and Strangelove Agency, here we have the four early instigators from the hackathon where Wildcard was born.